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Rithem Life Sciences Announces Formation of Board of Directors


Wilmington DE, February 2, 2021 – Rithem Life Sciences, a Wilmington, Delaware-based medical device company and developer of safe and efficacious life-saving portable products, has announced the formation of its Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors is led by Executive Chairman Philip Werthman, MD, MMH, FACS. Dr. Werthman is a surgeon, military historian, venture capitalist, inventor and entrepreneur. He is the founder and president of Merkava Holdings, the investment, distribution and advisory arm of his venture capital business. Currently, Dr. Werthman also serves as the executive chairman of Proxamama and chairman of the science advisory board of GT Biopharma, Inc. (OTCQB: GTBP) (GTBP.PA). He has resided on advisory boards of 14 private companies in the life sciences and aerospace/defense industries.

Rithem Life Sciences Cofounder and CEO Jonathan Rosenblum, DPM, serves as a director and is a podiatric surgeon and scientist currently practicing his subspecialty in diabetic limb salvage in Jerusalem. Dr. Rosenblum is widely recognized for his research and advancements in podiatry, becoming a sought-after lecturer and author. In 2001, Dr. Rosenblum formed strategic affiliations to advance the future of medicine through new medical devices and startups, culminating in his collaboration with company Cofounder and President Yehuda Roseman and the establishment of Rithem Life Sciences.

Yehuda Roseman serves as a director and has over 25 years in international business. After a personal incident involving the tragic and sudden loss of his friend’s young son, he was inspired to form Rithem Life Sciences and develop affordable, life-saving, portable products designed to assist anyone in responding to a sudden cardiac arrest event.

James W. Keyes serves as a director and is the chairman of Key Development, LLC, an investment group with holdings in real estate and aerospace. He also currently serves as a director for Murphy USE (NYSE: MUSA). Keyes was the former CEO to two Fortune 500 companies – Blockbuster Inc. (NYSE: BBI) and 7-Eleven, Inc. (NYSE: SEI), and he has resided on numerous philanthropic boards, including the national board of governors of the American Red Cross, the Cooper Institute, and Columbia Graduate School of Business.

Mark Genender serves as a director and is a private and growth equity investor and the managing partner of Bristol Growth Capital, LLC. Genender currently serves on the boards of Standard Vision, LLC, QCode Media and Gloss Ventures. In addition, he currently serves as an operating advisor to Torch Capital, an early-stage consumer venture capital fund. Genender’s previous private equity career included senior investment roles at Guggenheim Partners, Star Avenue Capital and Fenway Partners. He is also the president of the Western Region of American Friends of Hebrew University and is a member of the U.S. Investment Committee.

“We are proud to have assembled such an accomplished Board of Directors whose success in their respective industries is unrivaled,” explains Dr. Rosenblum. “With our single-minded vision of providing every household in this country and around the world, affordable life-saving devices to treat sudden cardiac arrest, we are committed to making every responder a rescuer.”

Rithem Life Sciences recently announced its joining the American Heart Association Center for Health Technology & Innovation (the Center) Innovators’ Network to introduce its at-home, hands-only CPR aid and automatic external defibrillator devices (AED) – ResQR and JoltzAED.

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Rithem Life Sciences Joins Innovators’ Network at American Heart Association Center for Health Technology & Innovation


Rithem Life Sciences has joined the American Heart Association Center for Health Technology & Innovation (the Center) Innovators’ Network. The Center is focused on building and fostering health technology relationships to develop innovative and scalable solutions.

The Innovators’ Network is a consortium that connects entrepreneurs, providers, researchers and payers. Innovators’ Network members also have access to the Association’s digital guidelines, recommendations, and best-in-class science as they develop digital healthcare technologies. Members collaborate with the Center in different ways, including the building of models for clinical outcome studies, lowering the significant cost of developing those studies independently, helping connect the science to technology, and providing evidence that a digital platform improves healthcare outcomes – a key concern for providers and payers.

“The Center aims to advance the development of evidence-based, scalable, digital health solutions, so it’s incredibly encouraging to see Rithem leveraging this network from the American Heart Association with the aim of improving health education and health engagement,” said Patrick Wayte, senior vice president of the American Heart Association Center for Health Technology & Innovation.

“We are excited to join the Innovators’ Network because it provides us a unique national platform to introduce and potentially expand access to our market disruptive technologies,” explains Jonathan Rosenblum, DPM, co-founder and CEO of Rithem Life Sciences.

About Rithem

Rithem, a medical device company, joins the Innovators’ Network bringing with them an at-home, hands-only CPR aid and an automatic external defibrillator device (AED). The devices are designed to be compact, affordable, and easy to use, with features like hand placement indicators, visible compression pacing indicators and PPE.

About Rithem Life Sciences

Rithem Life Sciences, headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, was founded on the desire to develop safe and efficacious portable lifesaving products. The company has developed two portable at-home devices— the hands-only CPR aid ResQR and the automated external defibrillator JoltzAED. Rithem’s goal is to turn anyone into a first responder by giving them the confidence to perform proper, high–quality resuscitation.

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