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At Rithem Life Sciences, our mission is to save lives. Sudden cardiac arrest leads six million deaths each year, 68 percent at home. CPR must be administered within two to four minutes, an impossible time-frame for emergency services to arrive. We have developed two at-home devices, the ResQR and the JoltzAED for safe, effective CPR and automated external defibrillation designed specifically for at-home use.

  • Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) kills more than 6 million people each year worldwide
  • SCA has an associated 90-95% mortality rate
  • 70-80% of SCA cases occur at home, away from an intensive hospital setting
  • For every minute of delayed intervention, the fatality rate increased by 10%

Saving lives.

Emergency professionals explain the benefits of ResQR in the field.

Cardiac arrest 200k in hospital

  24% survival rate

Cardiac arrest 395k outside hospital

Cardiac arrest 6% survival rate

110 BPM Pacing

Metronome & LED light to ensure proper compression pacing

Reduce Delays

Modesty cover to help reduce delays in initiation of CPR on females


Proper positioning for increase efficacy and decreased sternal/costal fractures

Increased survival rate after sudden cardiac arrest

ResQR is a revolutionary device for providing quality compressions during CPR, spreads the force, lowering the risk of injury to both the patient and provider, with ultimate ease of use in a home or office setting.

Simple, effective solution for CPR anywhere


A new life line for everyone, everywhere.



Coming Soon 2023

Advanced technology. Easy application.

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