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Six million people worldwide die every year due to sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), with 68% of these events occurring in the home. Many of the victims of SCA have no prior history of heart disease. While many people have a basic concept of how to perform CPR, they may fail to act due to the stress of the event or uncertainty in how to act, or due to not understanding how to perform CPR correctly. Lives are being needlessly lost. Further complicating matters, and adding to the stress of at-home SCAs, in the last year and with the onset of COVID, many Emergency Medical Services (including NYC EMS) had issued orders to not perform CPR in the case of a pulseless victim.

annual deaths worldwide 600m sudden cardiac arrest

deaths at home 68% of worldwide total

Saving lives: A groundbreaking approach

The Rithem Life Science team has responded to these challenges by developing two groundbreaking devices. Firstly, they developed the ResQR—a CPR aid that assists in the delivery of “hands-only” Quality CPR. Second, they developed the JoltzAED—the smallest, lightest and most affordable fully-functioning AED (automatic external defibrillation) unit, an integral part of the CPR protocol. These two devices have the potential to save hundreds of thousands of lives each year.

During sudden cardiac arrest, each passing minute of delayed medical intervention increases the risk of death by a staggering ten percent. Intervention absolutely must be initiated within two to four minutes, but emergency services generally take from six to twelve minutes to arrive. The shocking fact is that only eight percent of people who suffer an SCA outside a hospital setting survive. We recognized the urgent necessity to develop easy-to-use, practical, at-home devices to fill this frightening gap in healthcare.

A heartfelt response to a tragedy A higher purpose

Our Founder and President, Yehuda Roseman, is driven by a higher purpose. The JoltzAED device was developed in response to the sudden and unexpected death of his son’s friend, Josh, who passed away as a young adult. The development of the JoltzAED was a heartfelt response to this tragic event and an effort to honor Josh’s memory.

Answering the call

Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) requires a combination of cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and automatic external defibrillation (AED) to be delivered within two to four minutes to avoid loss of life. CPR can maintain adequate blood pressure and encourage the heart to resume a normal rhythm. AED corrects the electrical impulses that have caused the heart to spasm and be unable to deliver blood flow to the body.

Rithem Life Sciences answered the call and developed a lifeline for at-home, immediate intervention.

Research reveals that with the application of a combination of CPR and AED performed immediately, about 50 percent of victims survive, compared to the current 8 percent rate of survival. We believe we have a worthy mission, and we are dedicated to our cause, both personally and professionally.

cardio-pulmonary resuscitation CPR maintain blood pressure, encourage normal rhythem

automatic external defibrillation AED 2-4 minutes to prevent loss of life

CPR + AED 50% survival rate

without 8% survival rate

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