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If you don’t know anything about portable personal defibrillators, you’re not alone. It used to be that portable defibrillators were for public venues like stadiums or cruise ships. Only recently have these devices started to become cost-effective enough, and easy enough to use, that having one for your own personal use is a real possibility. 

A portable personal defibrillator is a device that you hope you’ll never need to use, but can literally be a lifesaver in the right situation. Here are some facts that start to tell the story of why a portable personal defibrillator is so powerful:

  • Portable personal defibrillators can save the life of someone experiencing Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA)
  • SCA usually happens without warning, and often causes death quickly
  • SCA kills over 300,000 people a year in the US
  • If treated right away, SCA can have a survival rate as high as 90%
  • The only way to reverse the incorrect heart rhythm that is the cornerstone of SCA, is with a defibrillator
  • Every minute without treatment for SCA reduces your chance of survival by 10%

These facts, and many others we could share - as well as countless stories of lives saved by defibrillators - illustrate how incredibly beneficial these machines are. However, it’s normal to have concerns about getting a portable personal defibrillator. Here are some of the top concerns we hear from people who are thinking about buying a portable personal defibrillator, and how we would address those concerns:

What if I harm someone by shocking them when they didn’t need it?

This is a very reasonable concern. The shock from one of these machines is intense, and it’s easy to see how that could harm someone instead of help them. Further, most people who are looking at getting a portable personal defibrillator are not medical professionals

Why you don’t need to worry: With Rithem’s new defibrillator, it is not possible to shock someone accidentally. Our machine analyzes the current heart rhythm of the person, to see if a shock is appropriate. If and only if the machine detects a rhythm that can be helped with a shock, will the shock be delivered. 

What if I cannot tell when to use the defibrillator?

This is another question asked by almost everyone who is not a medical professional. The truth is, even medical professionals need feedback from a machine to decide if someone is experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. You cannot tell someone’s heart rhythm just by looking at someone, no matter how well trained you are. 

Why you don’t need to worry: Rest assured that our defibrillator will make the decision for you. Not sure if someone could be helped with a shock to the heart? Follow the clear instructions, and the machine will complete an analysis of their heart rhythm. You do NOT need to be able to tell when to use the defibrillator, you just need to start the process and the machine will decide for you. 

What if I'm flustered and can’t remember how to use the defibrillator when it really matters?

This is a very real concern considering anyone may suddenly be dealing with a life and death situation where every minute counts. This is an incredibly stressful situation to be in, knowing that death is a very real possible outcome. By the nature of the device, a defibrillator is only going to be used under immensely stressful circumstances. 

Why you don’t need to worry: Our device will walk you through every single step you need to do, and will not allow you to progress to the next step until the previous one is done correctly. We also have smartphone integration which can make the work even easier. The best personal portable defibrillator is designed to work well for you, under the most strenuous of situations. 

What if I cannot afford a personal portable defibrillator?

If you think you can’t afford a personal portable defibrillator, you are in good company. With these machines often costing thousands of dollars, it’s a significant financial burden for most families to consider. 

Why you don’t need to worry: Rithem is releasing a defibrillator that is considerably more cost effective than anything available today. The price point will truly make this an investment that millions of people can feel comfortable making. 

Understanding how a portable personal defibrillator can save a life is a great step towards being proactive in making sure you can protect your health and that of your family’s. Stay tuned for more information about an amazingly effective, easy, and low cost defibrillator option, at rithemls.com

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