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Which is the best AED for home use? This is truly a critical question, since AEDs are the best line of treatment for a condition that kills 6 million people a year, worldwide. 

An AED is an Automated External Defibrillator. At its most basic level, it is a device that can shock the heart. It sounds simple, but the best AED is incredibly powerful. The reason you’d potentially need to shock someone’s heart is that they’re in Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). SCA often strikes without warning, and can quickly kill someone. In fact, SCA has a mortality rate of 90 - 95%. An AED is the only way to reverse a fatal heart rhythm, outside of a hospital setting.

AEDs are currently installed in many public places like stadiums, airports, cruise ships, and schools. Since SCA can strike and kill without warning, it’s essential to have AEDs easily accessible. These days, many people are interested in having an AED at their home. While it used to be that the cost of an AED made it very difficult for most to afford, that is changing. Today’s technology allows AEDs to be available to a significant number of people. That’s why we’re now being asked what’s the best AED for home use

When you’re looking at the devices available, here are several factors to look for when evaluating the best AED for home use:

Does it Detect?

You want your AED to detect the heart rhythm of the person you’re using it on. Without medical equipment, you cannot tell what’s going on with the person’s heart. Even a cardiologist cannot detect the exact rhythm of a heart without a machine. There are many irregular heart rhythms, and not all of them can be treated with a shock. So the absolute first step the best AED for home use will do, is detect the correct rhythm. 

Does it Analyze?

Once the heart rhythm has been detected, the best AED for home use can analyze that rhythm. This analysis should result in a decision about whether the rhythm can be helped by delivering an electric shock to the heart. The point of a home-use AED is that you should NOT need a medical degree to operate it, so you want to be confident that you have a machine that will take care of all the clinical knowledge needed. 

Does it Instruct?

It is important to get training on how to use an AED, if you want to have one in your home. However, even with the best training, using an AED is incredibly stressful. You do not want to have to find your training materials, or double-check how to use the AED. Instead, the best AED for home use will walk you through every single step you need to perform. Importantly, the AED should provide audio and video instructions so the user does not have to fumble through reading a booklet at the height of an emergency. The lifesaving shock should be delivered through a set of easy-to-follow prompts. 

Does it Protect?

When we say the best AED for home use protects, we mean that the AED should be smart enough that the operator does not need to worry about ‘messing up’. When you’re using an AED at home, you want to know that the machine isn’t going to make a mistake, and will not let you make a mistake either. Further, the AED should be able to integrate with your smartphone. It should be able to automatically connect you to emergency services, so that you can make sure help is on the way without needing to make a separate phone call. 

These features may sound like a wish list for a futuristic device - or a very costly one - but they’re not. Instead, this is what Rithem’s new product, JoltzAED gives you. Not only do you get the best AED for home use that detects, analyzes, instructs, and protects to help save the life of a loved one… but JoltzAED is also the most affordable AED available. 

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